Who we are

Here at Drummerboy, we march to the beat of your own drum, why not join us? Instead of bowing to the social pressure, enjoy our non-alc spirits and make the most of your night (and the next morning!)

We’re all about inspiring you to live your best life. So, we’ve made a full range of different spirits that are made right here in Australia. We’re proud to be pouring a whole lot of Aussie-grown ingredients into our drinks. Because let’s face it, Australia makes some damn fine stuff.

How do we make it?

(boring to some, scintillating to others)

Ok – top line is (and we don’t like to brag) we’re the experts at this stuff - our passion is to make awesome drinks that taste just as good, if not better, than the classics.

But if you’re into details, here’s the science bit….

We use an almighty combo of essence and extracts and distil it all down into full flavoured liquids that mean you can actually enjoy being alcohol free.

And what’s more, we’re a tad unconventional when it comes to our production, in that we don’t just make a great spirit and then remove the alcohol (AKA removing flavour). Instead, we us a combination of essences, extracts and distillates (the good stuff) to produce a full flavour non-alcoholic spirit from scratch. Adding flavour, rather than subtracting it.

Some call it ‘having your cake and eating it’.

We just call it Drummerboy.